Our Ethos

Derwent Mills Cottages is committed to supporting heritage and conservation projects in Derbyshire and has made in-kind donations totalling more than £1300 since we started trading in late 2013. From the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to the Friends of Cromford Canal Trust and, most recently, the Heage Windmill Trust - we are keen to support projects that ensure that our local natural and industrial heritage are protected for future generations.

We have also supported local (Belper) artists in creating works that express something of the scenery and heritage assets of the Derwent Valley and Derbyshire generally. These are important aspects of our ethos, to create a vibrant local historical, heritage, artistic and natural tourism offer that supports a sustainable local economy.

We are committed to doing more to preserve our heritage, arts, and natural environment to support local jobs and the economy. We will continue to work with local charities and bodies to promote these aims whilst ensuring that threatened heritage assets are protected, improved, conserved and sustainably repurposed to provide an economic benefit.

As part of our other business Amber Valley Wines, we own several acres of lovely designated Wildlife Sites, which we work with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to conserve whilst growing our business.

So when you spend on renting a quality holiday let with us we'll use a proportion of our profits to invest in projects that improve and reinvigorate the economy and our industrial and natural heritage. Get more bang for your buck and spend it with us - a local firm that really cares about our local heritage and environment.

This not a gimmick, we go beyond reinvesting in simple improvements, we really do set aside time and profits that support our aims. We are family members of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Barry is a life member of the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust and we are lifetime family members of the National Trust too.  By doing this we reap the benefits in the long term by supporting the efforts of these dedicated organisations to improve the local offer of cultural and natural landscapes.  This in turn improves our businesses. When we grow our business, with your help, we, and others locally, have a better lifestyle, which means we are all motivated to further improve tourism locally. It feeds a perfect circle.